Review: Yigga Digga- Faded Glory

Attention all metalheads! Do you like Metallica or Corrosion Of Conformity? Then there is a band out of western Pennsylvania called Yigga Digga that absolutely demands your immediate attention.

The band caused quite a stir with their 2006 self-titled debut, but due to life, family and a myriad of other things that get in the way the band hasn’t been all that active. Until now that is.

Finally, the timing is right and the band has just released their second full length entitled Faded Glory and it is an evolution of sound that sees the band moving away from the Metallica based roots of their debut into something that more resembles and sound like Pepper Keenan era Corrosion Of Conformity.

The AK-47 kick drumming and bone rattling riffs of title track “Faded Glory” are very reminiscent of the Deliverance album by C.O.C., as is the cascading solo. While “Into Eden” is built around pulsating rhythms and strident vocals that are executed with surgical precision.

Speaking of C.O.C., “Slave to Life” which features lead vocals by guitarist Chris Simonik has the same southern rock vibe of the America’s Volume Dealer record by C.O.C. and all you need to know about “Wendigo” is that it is one of the finest metal songs in a decade that brilliantly utilizes the hook “Know when to stay…No Wendigo!”

Elsewhere, “Memory” begins with an acoustic intro similar to Heart’s “Crazy On You” before turning on a metal dime into a full blown southern hard rocker and “Cutter” which showcases guest vocals by Dorothy Macaluso, a nice heavy bottom end and exquisite drumming by Bill Beggs tackles the dark subject matter of young girls who cut themselves.

The disturbing video for “222 X 3” may be hard to watch, but just like everything horrific in life, human nature won’t let you look away and “Wishing Well” is another killer cut where Chris Semonik takes the lead that could have come from the C.O.C. catalog, as is “Equalizer” which features both Chris and lead singer/guitarist Tom Dillon trading vocals for further depth of sound.

Covers of Johnny Cash songs are a dime a dozen these days with most not able to hold a candle to the stunning originals, but Yigga Digga’s cover of “When the Man Comes Around” is the exception to the rule, blowing the original out of the water and once you hear it, good luck getting the stutter delivered chorus of “Stutter” out of your head…seriously good luck!!

Here’s the bottom line. An album this strong should have the major labels sniffing around their door in no time.

Rating: 9 out of 10

-Eric Hunker