Review: The Y Axes- Meteorite single

Supposedly hailing from San Francisco but, likely native Martians, The Y Axes are set to release their single, “Meteorite,” in January of 2016. “Meteorite” is one of four singles ready for launch in the new year and it follows their second full length album, Sunglasses and Solar Flares. Alexi Belchere has the voice of a fairy as she absolutely dances through fun choruses and empowering verses. She seems to be taking notes from Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES, while guitarist Devin Nelson puts in a harder edge to the melodic qualities of her voice and the synths. “Meteorite” is delightfully whimsical, but just focused enough to pack a peppy punch. Compelling instrumentals bring synths that would normally wander among the galaxies back down to Earth, creating a track that manages to stay right in between our atmosphere and that which is outside of it. It sounds entirely like a song MTV would play over a reality show when they want to convey a sense of adventure and wonder. The Y Axes claim to be the sound of pop in the future, and we can only hope they’re right. Spinning with artistic energy and good vibes, “Meteorite” would very much fit in with a playlist consisting of Magic Man, The Colourist, and 2007-esque MGMT. Rating: 9/10 -Kelly Fox