Review: The World Will Burn- Severity

If you dig metal, rock, industrial, electronic or any subgenre of metal in between, you’re in for a treat with The World Will Burn and their debut- Severity­. Formed by Bride frontman Dale Thompson after he announced the end of Bride and featuring Thompson and vocals with longtime colleague Alan Zaring on virtually every other instrument, The World Will Burn is a step…no- run in the opposite direction from Bride. Sure, there are a lot of similarities between the two and there are bound to be with Thompson’s unmistakable raspy, high-pitched screams, but musically it’s a completely different branch than we’ve heard from Thompson in the past. It’s more complex and diverse. Some songs are very reminiscent of Bride but there are other tracks that have a strong Marilyn Manson vibe (musically, of course!) and experimental. Perhaps one of the more impressive aspects of Severity is the talent of Alan Zaring. With Zaring on every instrument, he has a big responsibility to mold the sound of the record and he knocked it out of the park. Who knew only two guys could rock so hard!? Almost impossible to categorize into one genre, the instrumentals are adrenalizing and hypnotizing at the same time and the lyrics are very blunt and straightforward- just like Thompson wrote when with Bride. This is a metal album through and through and it will make fans of Bride keep coming back while bringing in a completely new audience as well. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards