Review: The World Will Burn- RuiNation

When Bride singer Dale Thompson announced a new side project following Bride’s retirement, The World Will Burn was breathed to life and their debut- Severity was very strongly-received and sold well on the indie charts. Thompson brought in longtime friend Alan Zaring to assume duties on instrumentals while Thompson focused on lyrics, vocals and artwork and the band was off to a powerful start and now, just a few years later, their sophomore effort in RuiNation is here and is one that fans of both bands will fall in love with. Right off the bat, “Love to Hate,” “We All Die Alone” and “Welcome to the Freak Show” show Thompson and Zaring are going heavier than the first record and each makes up a three-song power punch that will devastate your ears if you aren’t ready. Then you have songs like “King For a Day,” “Burn” and “Nothing At All,” which would have fit perfectly on Severity. “King For a Day” has a very haunting guitar solo while “Burn” is a slow metal track that eats away at you while you aren’t even aware. “Nothing At All” has an opening riff that will stay with you long after the song is over while the chorus line and vocal style sits right in line with “Dream the Dream” from the band’s debut- plus the mid-song guitar solo is one of the best of the entire album.   Then there’s “Time,” which has a slow-paced industrial metal approach where Thompson’s “Stop wasting time” lyrics are brutally honest- telling the non-believing listener to come to Christ and open their eyes, before “What Comes Around” and “All Things” close the album out, leading to two final remix tracks. When it’s all said and done, The World Will Burn have shown true musical progression and evolution. Vocally, this is one of Thompson’s strongest outings and Zaring continues to prove that he’s one of the most talented and underrated musicians in all of music- not just metal. They’ve taken what they’ve already built but expanded on it and the final product to create a work of art that stands on its own. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards