Review: The World Will Burn- Nothing\’s As Real As It Seems

The World Will Burn have always prided themselves in using different genres and making sure no two songs sound alike and here we are, three albums in with Nothing’s As Real As It Seems and this could not be more true. 

The record opens with “Sins and Tragedies”- a straight rock song that features hooky, hypnotic guitar before “Love and Life” takes hypnotic to another level. Dale Thompson’s vocals blend so well with the guitars and bass that you almost don’t even hear what he’s saying. It’s a perfect combo and shows Thompson and Alan Zaring with more chemistry than ever. 

“No One Believes in Hell” could easily be a Marilyn Manson song with a little Grease sprinkled in- it’s dark, haunting, daunting and beautiful at the same time. 

“Rainbow’s End” shows Thompson sounding like Ozzy and Zakk Wylde while “Love Fills All Things” is a normal hard rock song that transforms into a KoRn-guitar anthem with some Manson vocals sprinkled in- Thompson’s vocals are stronger than ever.

“No One Sings” shows the KoRn style continuing before a grungy rock track picks up. 

“All Hell is Breaking Loose” is very drum and bass-driven and is a fun ride and one that keeps building and building. 

“Boxing Ring” is a groovy, funky, bass-heavy, horns, spoken word piece that gives Thompson a chance to really spread his poetic wings and he’s damn good, too

“It’s the Hallelujah” is a climactic song that feels like it’s building up to an epic battle while “Lead Balloon” features organs and is so peaceful that it reminds you of something from the 60’s- it’s another spoken word from Thompson and a perfect way to end the record. 

In the end, this is yet another home run for The World Will Burn. Is it for everyone? No, not at all but there is something for everyone on Nothing’s As Real As It Seems.

Rating: 10/10

-Reggie Edwards