Review: Wolves at the Gate- Lowborn EP

Christmas is right around the corner and if you want some solid rock with a holiday twist, you should check out the Wolves at the Gate’s upcoming EP, Lowborn, which features both original tracks and holiday classics covered in the heavy setting that they are known for. All five tracks on Lowborn are solid and there is not one track on the album that will bore you or put you to sleep. Two guaranteed fan favorite tracks on the album are \”Dark Cold Night\’ and \”O Holy Night” with “Dark Cold Night” featuring the best mix of lyrics and holiday cheer with a post-hardcore beat and killer guitar riffs while “Oh Holy Night” displays a Christmas classic in a way that only Wolves at the Gate can deliver. Lowborn is set to release Friday November 18th and has set the bar high for other holiday album releases. I, on a personal level, do not believe that anything or everything on this planet is perfect by any means. There is always room for improvement in anything you do so with that being said, Lowborn is definitely worth the purchase and your time. Pour a glass of eggnog, grab a candy cane and kick back, usher in the holidays and enjoy Lowborn. Rating: 7/10 -Skip “Rampage” Raddison