Review: The Wildfires Projekt- From Which We Came

The Wildfires Prjojekt’s From Which We Came is a love letter to mental health and it’s a record we all need right now. 

Although short, it’s strong, powerful and hits you right where you need it to, opening with “Eve Black”- a track with a cinematic instrumental tone that feels like something is creeping on you, mixed with spoken word talking about multiple personalities and mental health and depression statistics. 

With a strong start already, “White Jacket” keeps it going with lyrics like “My favorite white jacket you\’ve become, locking me up inside. Locking me up inside/My favorite medicine you\’ve become/But I\’m still fighting a war inside, fighting a war inside.”

This continues to set the stage for a strong record that is going to hit hard and hit deep.

“Open Heart//Closed Casket” is perfect for you if you’ve been given everything to a relationship and had it crumble right in front of you and then be thrown away by that person and told it was all you- we’ve all had that shitty person do that to us and this song is perfect in every way.

“Against the Wall” continues with hard-hitting lyrics- “How does it feel with your back against the wall/stabbed twice with a knife you never saw/bloody hands as you make one last phone call/you won’t forget me”

The instrumentals of this one are so catchy it sucks you in and keeps you there with the lyrics while the “Eyes Sewn Shut” is addictive. The song can be translated two ways: When you’re talking to someone and giving them everything you have to give and they can’t hear you, they can’t see you and they don’t give it back, it hurts and it’s hard to accept. 

It can also be seen as having that friend who wants to end things and doesn’t see how good their life really is and they can’t hear you when you’re trying so hard to show them how beautiful life really is. 

“In the sweat of our faces we shall eat bread until we return to the ground/For out of it we are taken/And from which we came we shall return” ring truer than ever 

The combo of clean/unclean vocals thrown in with spoken word makes this an EP that you’re hooked by. 

On this EP, the lyrics have a stronghold and make the material really come to life. From Which We Came is an anthem and fight song for mental health, putting to words what so many of us either aren’t able to or are too afraid to open up by doing. 

Rating: 10/10

-Reggie Edwards