Review: Whitechapel- Mark Of The Blade

The boys from Nashville are back and ready to show what 10 years of deep south heat means. Whitechapel is here with the brand new album- Mark of the Blade. While their style is progressing, the same hard hitting brutal stylings are on display. This new album has shown a clear progression in their style, while not venturing to far from their core sound. From the title track ‘Mark of the Blade’, to the clean vocals on ‘Bring Me Home’, Whitechapel is out to show off a real growth in their sound. Mark of the Blade has that trademark Whitechapel aggression. The heavy riffs into the even heavier breakdowns will satisfy the most diehard fans. ‘Bring Me Home’ is a particularly welcome departure from their normal style. It has a wonderful mix of clean ambient vocals, which often thrash in to harsh deep growls. With 10 years under their belt, Whitechapel has put together an album that both celebrates their brotherhood, as well as showcases their level of talent. Each album has progressed somewhere new, with this album culminating into, almost, catharsis. We can only hope to see another 10 years from Whitechapel. This album has a little bit of everything for the more extreme metal fans out there. While this may not be their absolute best work, it is hard to find better. This album belongs at the top of their discography. With true progression on display, while not alienating their core sound, this is a must listen to for any Whitechapel fan. Rating: 9/10 Discussion: How do you feel about the use of clean vocals on the new Whitechapel album? Let us know in the comments below. -Hans Jaeger