Review: Warrant- Louder Harder Faster

When an iconic band loses a singer, it can kill their career- easily, let alone when he passes away. Not many bands are able to rise from the ashes and the ones that do usually go on to have long, successful careers.

When Warrant’s frontman- Jani Lane- passed away, the band was already decades into their career. With Robert Mason now at the helm and two records in, the band is carrying the memory of Lane proudly and beautifully and their latest record- Louder Harder Faster– is the perfect way continue to honor his memory.

Produced by Dokken/Foreigner’s Jeff Pilson, the band’s second record with Mason comes six years after Rockaholic and is easily their strongest in years and has the classic Warrant sound but also expands upon it as well. Songs like “Devil Dancer” are gritty and bluesy while you also have tracks like “U In My Life,” which is a beautiful ballad with a perfectly placed, haunting guitar solo.

Mason’s voice is incredible on every song and this shows through on songs like “Music Man,” which has a southern vibe and kicks some serious ass. You also have “Faded,” which has a Bon Jovi-esque vibe and “New Rebellion” which is fast, hard, heavy, to the point and brings the album title to life.

Then there’s “Big Sandy” which is a Warrant song through and through in every way. But you also have “Only Broken Heart,” which is a more Thin Lizzy feel with a little jazz thrown in.

Then closing out the record we get “Choose Your Fate” and “Let Go,” which end things with a bang and are both full of attitude. The dual guitar riffs on “Let Go” are just intoxicated. This is what bands like Warrant thrive on and make us love them so much.

In the end, Louder Harder Faster lives up to its name in every way imaginable. There are songs that fit in with classics like “Cherry Pie” and “Heaven” but the record also features tracks that stand right up with newer bands of the 2010’s.

With this album, Warrant are here to make a statement that they’re still at the top of their game. They still have it and they can still hold their own. There’s no filler on this record. Each song plays an important role but also stands on its own as well. There’s still a lot of life left in Warrant and Louder Harder Faster is a prime example of this.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards

Erik Turner talks Louder Harder Faster: