Review: Waiting For Ravens- \”Get Lost\”

Waiting For Ravens recently announced a new era for the band- a completely new lineup, mission statement and focus- and their first single is out now in “Get Lost” and it’s one that you’re robbing yourself if you don’t hear.

The song is a heartfelt cry for mercy and one that will hit home for more than just Christians like you might think. One thing that makes Waiting For Ravens so special is their passion for reaching the ones who think they’re hopeless and that there’s nothing left and that’s exactly what “Get Lost” is all about.

One of the most common misconceptions is that Christians are always happy and have it easy. It couldn’t be further from the truth- a lot of believers just won’t talk about it. “Get Lost” gets into the dirt of life and digs deep down into the dark, despair-filled depression moments that a lot of people- not just Christians- experience every day.

But in the middle of the darkness shines a light and that’s what “Get Lost” tries to make clear. The song shows the desperate cries for love that we all have from time to time- some more than others.

Musically, “Get Lost” hits hard. It opens with a strong electronic rock force before ripping into a rock anthem that is more infectious than you’re ready for. The song goes from peaceful to dominant in the blink of an eye and is a song that will get you ready for their upcoming full-length album and you won’t want to wait.

Lyrically, “Get Lost” shows the band’s mosts vulnerable side and they aren’t afraid to show it. Part of evangelizing and Ministry is showing people that life isn’t always going to be okay. Sometimes even the strongest Bible-believing Christian has moments of pain and self-destruction and needs that comfort that can only come from one place.

If “Get Lost” is any sign of what’s to come, there are huge things in the future for Waiting For Ravens and, whether you’re the strongest in your faith or just someone who loves solid rock music, get on “Get Lost” immediately- this is a song that everyone can get something out of.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards