Review: Voivod- Post Society

For over 30 years now Voivod has been kicking ass and taking names and after thirteen full length studio albums and more tours than you can shake a stick at, they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The band has just released their new EP Post Society for Century Media and hit the road yet again in support of it. Post Society is the first album to feature new bassist Dominique Laroche (Rocky), who replaced founding bassist Jean-Yves Theriault (Blacky) in 2014 and much like every other Voivod album to come before it, features artwork by drummer Michael Langevin (Away).

The rumbling bass line of title track “Post Society” harkens back to the metallic heyday of War & Pain, Rrroooaaarrr and Killing Technology. While “Forever Mountain” follows the more experimental, almost alternative leanings of the Angel Rat or Outer Limits albums from the 90’s.

The album draws inspiration from just about every era in the band’s illustrious history and “We Are Connected” is no exception, picking up where the Infini and Target Earth albums left off and “Fall” comes across like a forgotten memory from the Jason Newstead era of the band.

The album closes with “Silver Machine,” a loving homage to Lemmy’s time with Hawkwind that was actually recorded before the larger than life legend’s passing in December 2015.

Here’s the bottom line. Post Society may only have five songs, but they are five rock solid tracks that leave absolutely no room for filler of any kind.

8 out of 10.

-Eric Hunker