Review: Violence In Vanity – Self Titled

Violence In Vanity is gearing up to release their self-titled EP on June 25. The Baltimore rockers have already taken over the local music scene with a live performance that is an overly energetic and intense experience that can only be understood when witnessed. With that being said, I had extremely high expectations of this EP and it definitely did not in any way disappoint.   

My Heart Wont Bend kicks off the EP, vocalist David Gascon starts things off right with a lot of passion and emotion in this song. Although it is short, it pulls you right on into the next song. Carry On has to be my absolute favorite song off of this EP with insane guitar shreds, a killer bass line and excellent drums bringing it all together to make a song displaying every member’s talent. Plus it’s super heavy and almost impossible not to sing with. Lastly, on one of their lighter notes, Hope in The Mirror is a downright beautiful song. The breakdown of just vocals and piano combined with the lyrics to this song give me goosebumps.

In the end we all have local bands that have become “hometown favorites”, but Violence In Vanity is not to be overlooked. Members David Gascon, Jeff Lane, Cody Cook and newest member Jamey McElroy have found a way to produce a sound that could sell out arenas and have a presence to match.