Review: Vampires Everywhere!- Ritual

If you were thinking that I was going to mention something about Twilight, well I am sorry to disappoint but there are no sparkly vampires in sight. Vampires Everywhere! is a metalcore band that is based out of Los Angeles, California. If you are the type of person who enjoys the music that the annual Warped Tour provides then you will surely like their latest album- Ritual.

The first song of this album has a short little introduction that introduces the vibe of the album. The introduction is a great tone setter for when you first start to listen to the album for the first time. Whether you are a first time listener or a devoted listener.

Also if you are by any chance a Hozier fan, Vampires Everywhere! includes a cover song of “Take Me to Church.” The album has a rock, and metal sound that makes you want to sit back and just take the music in. From beginning to end the album has a rich sound of electric guitar, and also Michael “Vampire” Orlando’s vocals flows really nicely with the music.

If this is your first time coming across Vampires Everywhere!, I would recommend for you to take a listen and hear what the band is really about. Overall, the album is excellent and it will definitely take any thought of a sparkly vampire out of your mind.

Rating: 8/10

-Katelynn Deavers