Review: Urban Rescue- Wild Heart

Close your eyes. Picture yourself atop a mountain, overlooking the world. The sun is just starting to set and there’s a mild breeze wishing through your hair. Close them again. Now picture yourself in an arena filled with thousands of people. Their arms are raised, eyes closed, tears streaming down their faces. Imagine the music you’d hear in each setting. Both are the perfect fit for Urban Rescue’s latest release- Wild Heart. Needless to say, this is a powerful album and a peaceful one as well. As the first group signed to Rend Collective’s new label imprint- Rend Family, a dynamic debut is what was needed. Enter in Urban Rescue and their heart and desire for the church is a strong and determined one. This makes the music just that much more powerful. The songs are versatile on Wild Heart and we knew it was coming when they released an EP preview earlier this year. Songs like “Never Stop” and “Wild Heart” have a lot of depth to them- much like the rest of the album. Then there’s “Fling Wide! Fling Wide!” It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this track. In the end, there’s no question why they were signed to Rend Family. Urban Rescue embodies everything the label is about and, with a band like Rend Collective backing them, there’s no limit to the heights Urban Rescue can reach. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards