Review: Unearth- Extinction(s)

There is no denying that Unearth’s 2014 release Watchers of Rule was an absolute banger of an album. However, frontman Trevor Phipps said that he thought the songs off that album didn’t have the intended impact on their live audiences. Fans had to wait four years, but the pioneers of metalcore are back and better than ever with Extinction(s). The newest effort from the Boston-based headbangers is chock full of heavy riffs, fast and slow, that just beg to be played loud. Right from the first track, “Incinerate,” it is clear that Unearth have pulled out all of the stops and have created a phenomenal album. One of the main differences that I noticed early on in this album is the more organic and metallic sound that is possesses. This adds to the overall energy of the record and makes the listener want to headbang to every riff on the album. Will Putney produced the album and that fact is very obvious. He has made a name for himself producing metalcore and deathcore albums over the years and the sound is very familiar, but still very effective and powerful. Extinction(s) is a 10-track affair that clocks in at just under 38 minutes in length. There isn’t a song that feels like it overstays its welcome. That being said, the songs do start to feel slightly formulaic at some point. It isn’t to the point of forgetting which song I’m listening to, but they start to meld into each other sometimes. The strongest point of the album is the middle part starting with “Survivalist” and running all the way through “Hard Lined Downfall”. All four of those songs hit extremely hard. They all have memorable breakdowns and riffs that just beg to be blasted out of your speakers at a potentially dangerous volume. That is the main thing about this album. It is memorable as a whole. Some songs will feel done before, but as a collective, this album is a very well put together piece of music. Unearth continue to make quality music 20 years into their career and show no signs of slowing down. Notable Tracks: “Incinerate”, “Survivalist”, “Cultivation of Infection”, “The Hunt Begins”, “Hard Lined Downfall”, “Sidewinder” Score: 9.5/10 -Jacob Marcheschi