Review: Underoath- Erase Me

After an eight year break, Underoath are finally back with album number eight in Erase Me and it’s a definite departure from what you may be used to and expect.

First off, the band was away for eight years. They’re in no way the same people they were eight years ago- are you the same person you were? Most people change and evolve over time and bands are no different. Obviously, the musical direction will be different this time around.

Next, the band have moved away from the “Christian band” label and most of the band doesn’t identify as Christians anymore. If you read interviews with the band, they’ll tell you it was the best thing they’ve ever done and that they were completely miserable by the end of their last run- some of them could have even ended up dead from drugs and other devices.

Luckily, the break did them well and they’re finally happy and at peace, and Erase Me shows that in so many ways.

Some songs show the band being open and honest about their struggles with faith- most people who leave the Christian faith can tell you up front that it’s a daily struggle on many levels when you decide to leave but you’re happy.

Many fans are upset about the band leaving their faith behind but that’s not for them to judge or make a call on- it’s the band’s personal choice and they know what they’re doing.

Songs like “ihateit,” “Sink With You,” “No Frame,” “On My Teeth” and “Rapture” are loaded with nothing but pure emotion and the band doesn’t apologize for any of it- they never have and never will

Musically, the band hasn’t lost a step in the time they were gone. The members went on to other projects and kept the creative juices going and Erase Me is almost like they took the styles of all of their personal projects, threw them on the chopping block with old Underoath and blended them all together for one cohesive sound and it works beautifully.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards