Review: Turncoat – Turncoat E.P.

Detroit’s Turncoat are readying for the release on their debut self-titled E.P.. via Eulogy Records on June 10th. The Detroit hardcore scene has spawned monsters like COLD AS LIFE & Negative Approach to name a few, and though Turncoat doesn’t emit the same caustic exhaust as their elders, it’s obvious on this E.P. that these young guns can kick up some dust. At first listen, Turncoat bared a striking resemblance to one of my favorite new era HxC bands, Backtrack. Not only in sound but in attitude and swagger. Opening track Own Up hits the ground running with a thick guitar/bass intro and doesn’t stop until the last note is played. Vocalist, Nick Steadman takes the lead and spits what to me is the quintessential Detroit vs. The World! anthem. Closing track Blindfolded starts off slow but finally shines a spotlight on a bass line intro that lays down a thick and groove infected feel that George Clinton would be jealous of . As the song progresses, Steadman & co. pick up the pace and by the end Turncoat morphs into Inside Out which is just a cherry on top. (not sure who Inside Out  is? Own Up & find them!) Bottom Line – With their debut E.P., Turncoat certainly hasn’t reinvented the wheel. Now what they have done is to put together a good record that’s filled with purpose and stayed true to the roots of HxC.     -Cooper-   Check out Turncoat\’s new video for \”The Friends You Need\” below.