Review- Todd Sucherman: Last Flight Home

Longtime Styx drummer Todd Sucherman always thought about making a solo record but he never really thought it would become reality but it has with Last Flight Home– a record that’s out now and that was also released on Sucherman’s birthday.  Last Flight Home opens with the title track and a few things are clear from the very onset- Sucherman’s vocals are out of this world amazing and this is not the style you’d expect.  Let’s elaborate- his vocals are strong, beautiful and calming all at the same time- Sucherman could easily be fronting his own band full time on the side of drumming for Styx. As far as the musical style, it’s much more jazz and soft rock-influence than arena rock and classic rock that you might have expected.  Bringing his wife, Taylor Mills into the fold on “It’s Perfection” could not have been a better decision and her voice is purely angelic and adds exactly what the song needed to put it over the top.  No two songs sound exactly alike but “The Damage” is a much faster-paced and edgier song than the rest of the record and is Sucherman’s time to really let loose on the kit.  This is a record Sucherman didn’t know if he’d be able to write or complete and he didn’t tell many people he was writing Last Flight Home. Considering the record released on his birthday, his wife singing on a song and the Pre-Order launching on his late father’s birthday, this is a purely personal project and Sucherman made sure it turned out exactly like it needed to and wouldn’t accept anything short of a masterpiece and that’s exactly what Last Flight Home is- a musical masterpiece and one that he should be more than proud of.  Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards