Review: Three Days Grace- Explosions

Coming out of the most mentally-draining two years we’ve seen in a long time, Three Days Grace have written a record that deals with a lot of the issues fans have been battling with for years in Explosions. Explosions is a different kind of Three Days Grace album. While it still features the signature sounds that put them on the map, they definitely experiment sonically and lyrically.  This record shows them going down the roads that deal with subjects like feeling inadequate, wanting to end your life, hating the world around you, losing relationships and loved ones, overcoming personal obstacles, finding yourself and much more.  Songs like “I Am The Weapon,” “So Called Life” and “A Scar Is Born” are the heavy familiarity we all love from Three Days Grace but songs like “Lifetime” show them bearing their rawest emotions, digging deep and tearing out their own hearts while “Chain of Abuse” shows the band dealing with the subject of not feeling like you fit in and everyone hates you, which hits home for a lot of people.  In the end, this is the most lyrically-personal record Three Days Grace have ever written. Explosions is an album the fans needed right now and is exactly how a lot of people have been feeling after 2020 and Three Days Grace remind us that it’s okay to not be okay.  Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards