Review: Thousand Below- Hell Finds You Everywhere

Thousand Below, up-and-comers in the post-hardcore/metalcore scene have returned with their highly-anticipated third studio album, Hell Finds You Everywhere. The quartet from San Diego had quite a task ahead of them to follow up 2019’s critically acclaimed Gone In Your Wake LP. Add to that their recent signing to Pale Chord Records, and this was shaping up to be a huge turning point for the band. Thousand Below did a phenomenal job choosing singles for this release. While lead single “Venenosa” is far from my favorite song, it did set the tone for the album. Second single “Face to Face” is a fantastic demonstration of what this band is. They write some of the catchiest choruses you’ve ever heard, but can still get down and dirty with some heavy breakdowns. Vocalist James Deberg showcases his range throughout this track and is not-so-quietly inserting himself into the conversation of top voices in this scene. Third and final single “Sabotage” is arguably the best song on Hell Finds You Everywhere. This track is emotional, catchy, and heavy. This song feels like climbing a mountain and the final chorus and closing guitar solo are when you finally reach the summit and get to look out over the beautiful scenery below. I think that this song is a legitimate contender for song of the year. The band also decided to experiment with some new sounds on this album that cover both extremes to their sound. “Clockwork Enemy” is the heaviest, most intense track on the record. It opens with some similar sounds to Silent Planet, but evolves into a cinematic rocker with some strings and a massive chorus. The breakdown callout of “And even if time stood still/I would never feel human again” sends chills throughout everyone’s bodies. And the breakdown sounds very much like Australian metalcore legends Northlane. On the other end of the spectrum, we have “Blue Roses Don’t Fade”, which is a collaboration with Japanese rock band CVLTE. This track is a straight up dance pop song and is a fun listen. With Hell Finds You Everywhere, Thousand Below have made it clear why they belong in this scene and push the boundaries of their sound to new extremes. Pale Chord Records definitely got a good one in this band and Thousand Below lived up to the hype they created for the third full-length effort. Watch out for these four guys from San Diego. Rating: 9/10 -Jacob Marcheschi Standout Tracks: “Sabotage” “Face to Face” “Clockwork Enemy”