Review: Thousand Foot Krutch- Untraveled Roads

\"\" Live albums can be some of the most polarizing in rock and metal. You either love them or you hate them and, rarely is there an in-between. For me, it can go either way. It’s been six years since Thousand Foot Krutch released their mega-successful Live at the Masquerade live album, which was met with critical acclaim. To say the band released the follow-up live album- Untraveled Roads at the right time is an understatement. The band has been riding high for about five years now- ever since releasing 2012’s The End is Where We Begin, which elevated them to a completely new level. They’ve released two more records since and have been featured twice on the huge Winter Jam Tour Spectacular arena trek, which isn’t just one of the biggest annual tours in Christian music- but all of music. 2017 saw the band returning to the tour for the second time since 2013 and was the tour during which this live album was recorded. The setlist for Untraveled Roads is heavy on the side of The End is Where We Begin, with 6 of the 12 tracks spawned from that record- and rightly so; it’s the record that catapulted them into the spotlight of mainstream rock fans as well and is their most-popular album yet. 2014’s OXYGEN:INHALE is featured with  & 2016’s Exhale each have three songs but they’re the three strongest tracks of the respective offerings- opener “Running with Giants,” “The River,” “A Different Kind of Dynamite”” and “Push” are showcased from TFK’s latest while “Untraveled Road” and “Born This Way” find their way into the set from INHALE. “This album really captures that high-octane energy and electricity you’re meant to have at a TFK show, giving our new and old friends a taste of what these last three albums sound and feel like! The live aspect has always been a big part of who we are as a band, and what people have come to expect from us,” says TFK frontman Trevor McNevan. That’s exactly what you can come away with from Untraveled Roads. If you’ve been to a TFK show like this reviewer has, you know firsthand that this live record completely epitomizes what a TFK show is like. If you’ve been living under a rock and have never seen the band live, you can’t get any closer than Untraveled Roads. Whether you have or haven’t experienced TFK live, one thing can be guaranteed after listening to Untraveled Roads, and that is that you’ll either be ready to do anything possible to catch your first TFK show or you’ll be waiting impatiently for the closest TFK show in driving distance so you can experience the magic once again. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards