Review: Theory of a Deadman- Say Nothing

Just a few years removed from Wake Up Call, Theory of a Deadman are finally back with  their highly anticipated seventh album in Say Nothing. The album’s predecessor saw Theory change style direction and take a slower, more alternative sound and fans have flocked to the new approach just like they did back in the Scars & Souvenir days. “Black Hole in Your Heart” is a poppy, bluesy, symphonic juggernaut that opens the record in dramatic fashion before lead single “History of Violence” takes over. It’s a deep, very personal song that makes you think about the world we live in today. “Affluenza” is a completely new territory for Theory that shows them venturing into almost hip hop ground and is very poppy but it works while title track “Say Nothing” really makes you think with domestic violence in bad relationships becoming an epidemic. The music is lower and vocals are higher, forcing you to listen to the lyrics. “Strangers” speeds things back up with a more upbeat, positive vibe and is a call to act instead of talking about issues to make the world a better place while “Ted Bundy” is just purely beautiful. For this record, Theory brought back producer Martin Terefe and keeps the approach from Wake Up Call, which is really paying off. With Say Nothing, the band continues to put more focus on the lyrical and thematic approach, writing more meaningful music than the “Bad Girlfriend” or “Lowlife” style. It’s clear Theory want to make a statement and prove they have more layers than you might think and want to bring attention to serious issues in today’s society, all of which they accomplish with Say Nothing. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards