Review: Tallah- The Generation of Danger

Pennsylvania-based heavy hitters Tallah are back with their second full-length album, The Generation of Danger. This is one of the most anticipated albums of the year after fans were introduced to the band with 2020’s Matriphagy.

This album is no small task to get through. It is nearly a full hour of intense, emotional, noisy metal. That’s your only warning before listening to this album. The Generation of Danger is a concept album that deals with a genius scientist who is sick of being forgotten about and ignored. As a result, he forces the corporation he works for to participate in the greatest experiment ever to take place in the world of science.

Story aside, Tallah is self-described as nu-core, which is a perfect description of what you can expect on this album. One minute, you’re transported back to the late 90s and early 2000s with choruses reminiscent of Korn and Slipknot, and the next you’re hit with a crushing breakdown that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Code Orange record.

“Dicker’s Done” is one of the most complete tracks on this album. The intro builds until it explodes into a heavy riff with a guttural scream by vocalist Justin Bonitz. The vocals in the chorus are mostly clean, which is a bit of a rarity here. Don’t expect much melody when jumping into this release. Tallah pick their spots carefully when it comes to pure melodies, but that makes them even more impactful.

“Telescope” was the first single release for The Generation of Danger and it perfectly encapsulates what you can expect from this album. There’s a catchy chorus, two brutal breakdowns and overall chaos.

The band can change styles on a dime and not have it sound out of place. Bonitz is a world class vocalist and has some of the most unique stylings in metal; he sounds desperate, emotional, and angry throughout this record and that is evidenced by his heavy breathing that can be heard quite often on the album. It is clear that he poured his guts into every second of his vocal performances.

The drumming and guitar work is also incredibly impressive. Max Portnoy, son of all-time great Mike Portnoy, shreds all over the kit. Guitarists Derrick Schneider and Alex Snowden lay down heavy riff after heavy riff with tons of unique sounds that add to the chaotic atmosphere.

The Generation of Danger is definitely not for everybody. It is a challenging and overwhelming listen, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Tallah’s sound is unique and that’s what sets them apart from just about every other metal band in the scene. Keep an eye out… the waves that Tallah are making will only get bigger.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Jacob Marcheschi

Top Tracks:

“Dicker’s Done”


“How Long”