Review: Sylar- Seasons

Sylar has made their way onto everyones playlist over the last few years. Their 2016 release Help! consisted of songs like Assume and Dark Daze which were extremely successful on the rock charts and with fans who felt a deep emotional connection to the band. Now they’re back with their third studio album Seasons and fans can expect the same passion and emotion from Sylar as well as a few pleasant surprises. Seasons is one of those albums that will stick with you long after listening. The songs on this album and the lyrics bring to life emotions that maybe listeners did not have words for and it is just all around fantastic. The first single released off of the album is All or Nothing, which has a really fun beat to it with some pretty aggressive lyrics. There is a line in this song “It all ends here shutting down the fear” and that really sums up the song. No Way is a quick favorite from this album. The vocals on this track are absolutely beautiful and the lyrics touch a lot on relationships and the hardships which really anyone will be able to relate to. It’s an overall solid song that focuses more on the clean vocals which makes it really stand out on the album. Winter(Interlude) is one of the most raw and powerful tracks from the album. Vocalist Jayden bears his soul on this one and anyone listening can feel it. The song may only be a minute and a few seconds long but it really breaks through. It leaves listeners wanting more while also getting the message across and it is definitely my favorite from the album. Sickminded has the best chorus off of the album in my opinion. The last line “Can’t keep coming undone, I’ve had enough” really hits home and the entire song sums up so many emotions. Going back to the album sticking with the listener, this is the song that will do it. The vocals are phenomenal and the lyrics touch on feelings that everyone has had at one point or another. Same Dance is a little bit more on the heavier side and is definitely one of the more lyrically brutal songs. The chorus chimes in “All is fair in love and war” and that is exactly the message they send with this song. The album wraps up with Doubt Me which touches a lot on self-worth. This was a really solid choice to end the album with because the overall message of the song leaves listeners feeling confident and it is almost reassuring. Overall Seasons is one of the most passionate releases I’ve heard in a long time. Every song gives you a different emotion and sends a different message, giving listeners something that they can feel a part of. Rating: 9/10 -Tera Ford