Review: Switchfoot- Where The Light Shines Through

On the brink of the release of the bands tenth studio album Where The Light Shines Through, Switchfoot believes there are no holds barred when it comes to being themselves, speaking and living exactly what they believe in.  The double platinum group that broke through the mold with “Meant to Live” has another opportunity to do so with this new album when it is released on July 8. The album breaks open with a refreshing almost garage band jam session with “Holy Water” that obviously adds a twist with a little more rock and pop feel to it at times. That transfers right into “Float” which adds its own twist to a 60’s or 70’s funk style and transitions it into a modern day so that everyone can embrace and enjoy it. These two songs help show how talented the band itself is when it comes to the instruments and song writing goes. A Switchfoot album would not be complete without their hand raising, God praising songs. Don’t worry they did not leave any shortage of these on the album. Songs like “I Won’t Let You Go” and “Live It Well” are just a couple that many will come to love throughout the contemporary Christian music scene. These songs also demonstrate just how great a voice Jon Foreman has. The band impresses many with their ability to produce from so many genres. There is not a single one that this band can be classified to, which is why there longevity in the music industry has been so apparent, since they started as an Indie rock band in 1997. Their song “Looking For America” featuring Christian Gospel-Rap artist Lecrae rapping through the whole song, is targeted at the problems that we are seeing in America these days. This is an album that all age generations can fall in love with as it is so diverse that it supplies to its uniqueness. 8/10