Review: Steelheart- Through Worlds Of Stardust

\"\"When I first learned of the new Steelheart album- Through Worlds Of Stardust, I had mixed emotions. While I loved the band’s first two albums. Their third and fourth left me wanting something more from them. That’s why I’m really happy to say the new album is actually really good and more importantly Miljenko Matijevic’s voice is still in top form. “Stream Line Savings” is a solid start but, it’s the opening scream in “My Dirty Girl” that really says get ready to rock. From the driving bass line of “Come Inside” to “My World” which sounds like a lost song from the Tangled In Reins sessions. There’s plenty for fans to sink their teeth into. “You Got Me Twisted” comes from out of nowhere to be the bands best song since “I’ll Never Let You Go” to the building power of “Lips Of Rain” and “With Love We Live Again” which serves as the perfect platform to allow Miljenko to let loose those powerhouse vocals. “Got Me Running” is another good song and the chorus to “My Freedom” has some serious heft to it. It’s another shinning spot just like “You Got Me Twisted”. The closing ballad, “I’m So In Love With You” while still good, made me wish for one more heavy song. Here’s the bottom line: Go to any place you can find the video for “You Got Me Twisted” and watch it. If that doesn’t make you want to hear more, nothing will. Now let\’s just hope we don’t have to wait for another 10 years for the next one. Rating: 7/10 -Eric Hunker