Review: The Statistics- The Robson Street Hymns

The Statistics are back with their second effort- The Robson Street Hymns– a record that’s a songwriter’s dream come true and is one that’s just as lyrically strong as it is musically.  “Maryanne” opens the record in true Americana fashion and a throwback to the glory days of Fogerty and Mellencamp. It also has a 90’s vibe too, bringing back the strong elements of bands like Gin Blossoms.  “True North” takes the country-style route and is a poetic, summertime love song that we can all relate to when it comes to young love.  After “Turn Up the Radio,” “Sparks in the Night” shows The Statistics getting heavier for the first time on this record. They follow it up with “Girls My Age,” which is drum-heavy and would fit well on the Grease soundtrack. It has a strong 50’s vibe from the start and goes down the electric pop route before heading back to the doowop avenue.  “Rainy City” has some haunting instrumentals and starts somber before building back up while the record ends on a fast tempo with “Run, Run, Run,” which is a perfect highway song. The accordion and organs combine to make one hell of a closer for a record that shows The Statistics mastering numerous different styles and has something for every genre of music fan.  Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards