Review: Static X- Project Regeneration Volume 1

When I first heard that Static-X was putting out a new album, like pretty much everyone I was left thinking…How the hell is this going to work without their charismatic frontman Wayne Static? As I later learned these recordings would in fact feature Wayne along with longtime bassist Tony Campos their original drummer Ken Jay, original guitarist Koichi Fukuda and their new vocalist XerO- who many think is Edsel Dope. He does have a writing credit on every song. With that in mind I went to listen to their new album, Project Regeneration Volume 1 with an open mind. After the very first song “Hollow” all my thoughts and fears went right out the fucking window. The melding of the two vocalists was so seamless that it actually brought the song to life. Giving it a life form uniquely its own. From there the album just keeps getting better and better and the two vocalists virtually become one. The album continues to heat up on songs like “Terminator Oscillator” “Accelerate” and “Bring You Down,” but it is really songs such as “Something Of My Own” and “Otsego Placebo” that kind of take you back to albums like “Shadow Zone” or “Start A War” stylistically. The album is closed out by the mega-crunchy “Follow” and “Dead Souls” which is a three fur of great vocalists, you got Wayne Static, XerO and Al Jourgensen from Ministry. The album closed as great as it started. Here’s the bottom line- This album just gets better with every listen and I am still blown away by the killer vocals. Rating: 8.5 out of 10 -Eric Hunker