Review: State of Mine- Devil in Disguise

State of Mine from Michigan have released their new album- Devil in Disguise. The best part of this band is they somehow rolled everything you love about the bands you sing along with on the radio into one band without letting their influences overpower their own unique sound.

“Curtain Call” opens the album, which instantly hooks you in with an intense guitar and drum in your face combination after a mysterious opening. I love that. It\’s also a lyrically solid song with the perfect balance of harsh and clean vocals. It\’s a very successful opening song for the album.

“Stones” is my favorite song from Devil in Disguise. It starts off heavy and hard as hell and stays that way. The chorus is extremely catchy and I really enjoy the harsh vocals.

Second favorite song is easily “Killing Me.” When the second line in the song is “she\’ll eat you alive” of course I\’m getting down to that. It\’s a great jam song for anyone man or woman and it is an instrumentally sound song as well as some great vocals.

Overall, Devil in Disguise is a fun album to sing to and jam along with. State of Mine clearly know what they\’re doing and reaching to a specific crowd and it\’s working out really well for them. I would really enjoy to see these songs performed live. This is definitely a band to look out for.

Rating: 8/10

-Tera Ford