Review: South Of Eden- The Talk

When a band transitions to a completely new incarnation, it can be a complete transition or things stay the same but when Black Coffee decided to rebrand into South Of Eden, they took on a full identity change and that’s what we see with The Talk.  The title track opens things up and the rhaspy, gritty vocals on the high notes are goosebump-worthy. When the song kicks in, the power is undeniable and when singer Ehab Omran kicks in the wails, it’s crazy powerful. “Solo” is a funky, groovy, dance rock anthem that makes you wanna get down right then and there- where you sit- right now- reading this On this one, Omran has a CeeLo Green/Gnarles Barkley vibe on this one while “Morning Brew” slows it down with drowsy guitar and bass to start the song. The bluesy guitar solo opening with jazzy drums force you to picture yourself at a dark, underground jazz club mic night and this song fits beautifully. “Dancing With Fire” speeds it up to close out the EP in the form of a heavy metal highway song and the metal is purely blistering. South Of Eden really let loose on this one and it’s a rock and roll party; Picture Buckcherry-meets-70’s heavy metal. This is the strongest song on the EP and Omran’s screeches ring David Lee Roth. For a debut EP and the one they’re releasing having just signed to Lava/Republic, this is a strong statement from South Of Eden. The throwback vibes would have fit gorgeously in the glory days of rock roll because that’s exactly what The Talk is- raw, gritty, ballsy rock and roll that was birthed from Pandemic Quarantine jam sessions. Well, at least something good came from the COVID pandemic- South Of Eden’s The Talk Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards