Review: Skillet- Unleashed

Not many bands can go 20 years into their career and still be in their prime, releasing top-of-the-line quality music. However, Skillet are one of those bands and their 10th studio album- Unleashed– and they\’ve somehow figured out a way to top themselves again. The record opens with lead single “Feel Invincible,” which gets things going with a bang and is the first of many explosive tracks on the album. Then there\’s the nearly-punk “Back From The Dead” and anthemic and symphonic “I Want To Live,” which could very well be Skillet\’s biggest song next to “Monster” in the end- it will be one of the top songs of the year for many people and the longtime Skillet fans will have it right at the top too. It can almost be seen as the third chapter in the symphonic story of Skillet- following “Awake and Alive” and “Not Gonna Die” and, when you play them back to back, it\’s perfect. “I Want To Live” follows the popular trend of drummer Jen Ledger being featured or having a strong role on vocals and it\’s one of the band\’s many strong sides. They know how to balance it perfectly, too, and not overdo it. “Famous,” “Saviors of the World,” and “Lions” feature the old school synth Skillet sound but with a little more rock flavor thrown in to make it more powerful and it definitely does. Then there\’s “Undefeated,” ”The Resistance,” Out of Hell,” and “Burn it Down,” which go hand-in-hand with “Feel Invincible” with choruses that embed themselves into your brain and make themselves right at home. One thing is for sure about any Skillet album- there isn\’t one set sound you know you\’re going to get on the album- Unleashed in particular. With Skillet, you know you\’re going to get a taste of synth, electronic, metal, symphonic, pop and a handful of others. You also know that you\’re going to hear about their faith but they don\’t throw it in your face or shove it down your throat. It\’s there for you if you want it and, if you don\’t, you\’ll still get some of the best rock around today. With Unleashed, Skillet have proved once again why they\’re one of the top rock bands in the world. If you can\’t listen to “I Want To Live,” “Undefeated,” “Feel Invincible,” “Burn it Down” or “Out Of Hell” and not want to scream at the top of your lungs, throw your fists in the air and try to take over the world, I\’m not sure Unleashed is for you. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards