Review: Skillet- Dominion

It’s hard to believe that with everything that’s happened in our country and the world in the last few years that it’s only been two-and-a-half years since Skillet released Victorious but it’s true. It’s time for new music and the band has graced us with Dominion and this one has some of their strongest songs yet, and that says a lot.

Skillet have released numerous singles but they kept the record’s stand out songs a well-kept secret and if you loved “Surviving The Game,” “Standing In The Storm,” “Refuge” and the title track, you have no idea what’s in store for you with the rest of the record.

The first three tracks have been released early as singles but “Valley Of Death” is the first unreleased song and, while it’s a ballad, it’s a scorcher and proves a song doesn’t have to be heavy to be heavy.

“Valley Of Death” might be the best ballad Skillet have written and put out yet- and long-time fans will know how big of a deal that is- I dare you to listen to it without shedding a tear or breaking down completely- you can feel the pain John Cooper and company were in when this song was written.

“Beyond Incredible” starts out slow and daunting with a dark vibe when Cooper utters the words, “The demons come when I’m all alone” but quickly rips into an adrenaline-pumping arena anthem that they have to play live or they’re robbing everyone.

“Destiny” opens up making you think it’s a ballad but rips into another epic anthem that you won’t get out of your head before “Refuge” slows things down in inspirational fashion.

“Shout Your Freedom” is a fast-paced track you won’t be able to slow down from while “Destroyer” is a war cry if there ever was one. This one will make you wreak havoc on the demons that try to take you back down a road you left behind.

With lyrics like “When my demons try to pull me under into the person I don’t want to remember” and “I can feel the darkness coming to remind me of who I was- I put that person behind me” partnered with an addictive chorus screaming “It’s time for war, war, I’m the destroyer,” how can you not love “Destroyer?”

“Forever Or The End” is a throwback-style Skillet ballad and is a personal track that you’ll fall in love with over and over before “Ignite” is a fist-pumping guitar riff knockout punch that you’ll keep on repeat and is one of the standout tracks of the entire record.

“White Horse” is the song that Skillet fans will be intrigued by on a lot of levels. For one, Cooper raps on this track but it’s far from a rap or hip hop track. Thematically and lyrically, this one is right out of Revelation and is an apocalyptic song that touches on a subject that hardly any Christian artist has gone in-depth with. “White Horse” is the song that fans will be taking about over and over again.

In the end, Dominion is a record loaded with war anthems, battle cries and features some of the most inspirational pieces of art Skillet have ever put together. If you’re going through a dark time in your life, if you’re struggling with your faith, if you’re close to the end, this is the record you need right now.

Rating: 10/10

-Reggie Edwards