Review: Silvertung- But at What Cost??!

Rising rock heavyweights Silvertung are back again with their latest offering in But at What Cost??! and it’s one that’s guaranteed to take them from the ranks of upcoming bands to rock giants.

Getting things off right is “Dodging Bullets,” which hypnotizes you with this authority and makes you tap out faster than you expected to but also makes sure you’re ready for what’s coming. With strong lyrics to match its blazing riffs, this is the essential way to kick off a banger of an album.

“Feel Inhuman” keeps the train rolling with a throwback track with updated vocals that Corey Taylor himself would be jealous of. The sheer domination of the song’s flow leads perfectly to the rest of the record.

“World Gone Mad” slows things down at just the right time with an addicting chorus that’s loaded with beautiful guitar work. “Your Fine” is a deep, personal track that takes a look at self-turmoil and takes a look at mental health as a form of fear, we see the band going down a road that not many people want to touch on but one that has to be looked at.

Current single “Done My Best” closes out the record in yet another standout track on the record. It’s an anthem that blends impressive lyricism with insane musicianship and vocals for a song that resonates and one that’s timeless.

In the end, SIlvertung have completely outdone themselves. While their previous work is strong and stands by itself, But at What Cost??! is an album that, at just seven songs, is short enough to keep your attention but long enough that you can get something out of each song.

This is a record whos lyrics, guitar work, vocals and every ingredient sprinkled in combines to make a piece of music that everyone can relate to, fall in love with and play on repeat.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards