Review: Sick Puppies- Fury

A few years ago, as Sick Puppies were reaching the pinnacle of their career, they parted ways with frontman Shimmon Moore. The remaining band members- Mark Goodwin and Emma Anzai- laid low for awhile while they regrouped and found their frontman- whom they found in the form of Bryan Scott and they were off and running.

Fast forward to 2016 and Sick Puppies are back with a new album, the follow up to 2013\’s Connect. Fury, the new record, couldn\’t have a more fitting title.

The album opens with the intense “Black and Blue” and it\’s clear right away that we\’re going to get a stronger album than Connect. Next up is the lead single- “Stick to Your Guns,” which has the power, aggression and emotion that we\’ve all come to love from Sick Puppies.

“Where Do I Begin” is a ballad that\’s as beautiful as it gets and switches it up at just the right time. Sick Puppies have always been able to write catchy and infectious ballads and this one is no different. Anzai takes over lead vocals on “Walls (You Changed)” and it works. It just works with the hypnotic instrumentals. The band experimented with Anzai on lead vocals on a few tracks from Connect and fans gravitated instantly so it makes sense that they\’d keep the momentum going.

“Beautiful Chaos,” “Killing Time” and “If I Stay” are classic Sick Puppies tracks. In the end, Fury is the album Sick Puppies needed to make at this point in their career. With a lineup change as extreme as frontman, they needed to make an impact and that\’s exactly what they did. This one stands right up with Tri-Polar and Dressed Up As Life and lives up to it\’s name…Fury.

Rating: 9/10


-Reggie Edwards

From These Ruins are excited to announce an August 2016 release for their debut full-length record, Advocate of the Unwanted,

An independent release, Advocate of the Unwanted is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the band\’s Brotherhood EP, which received critical acclaim and saw the band share the stage with Soulfly, Smile Empty Soul, Abigail Williams, Tantric, The Letter Black and countless others.

In mid-2014, From These Ruins released “Losing Control” in the form of a free download for fans to get a taste of what was to come from the band, receiving positive reviews all around.

The new album also sees a big lineup change for the band, parting ways with longtime guitarist Jeff Garloch and bassist Matthew Bridgewaters and welcoming in guitarist Joshua Bogard and bassist Mark Cole.

Founder and frontman Rusty Sparks says of the new chapter of From These Ruins:

While we are still the same FTR that invited our fans to be brothers and sisters rather than fans in our Brotherhood EP, we\’re turning the page to a new chapter. Our message will always be the same however it will now be delivered by a grown, evolved FTR.

We\’re influenced by our faith and lives\’ experiences to title this LP Advocate of the Unwanted for obvious reasons. Being in a band gives us a unique opportunity to meet people we would never meet otherwise. We hear the stories and struggles that we ourselves can relate to. Feelings of being lonely, unwanted or left behind are easy too common.

So we\’re saying to those people- \’we\’re there!\’ Expect the same energetic performances we\’ve been known for through the years but get ready to hear and experience the best FTR you\’ve ever seen! This not only reflects in our music but in my lyrics. In every aspect we\’ve went to great lengths to take the good and improve on what was there.

Not to mention with new members come new influences and experiences and we\’re honored to have Mark Cole and Joshua Bogard aboard.”

Advocate of the Unwanted will be available for pre-order soon and tour dates are consistently being announced via the band\’s website and social media pages.

From These Ruins are available for interviews, reviews, and other press opportunities.

From These Ruins are:

Rusty Sparks- Vocals

Chad Anderson- Drums, Vocals

Tim Hartman- Guitar

Joshua Bogard- Guitar

Mark Cole- Bass

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Twitter: @fromtheseruins

Instagram: @fromtheseruins