Review: Shim

The best things take time and when Shim left Sick Puppies in 2014, he stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, working on what would come. That day is now here and his solo debut- Shim is out and shows Shim standing stronger than ever while venturing into a few areas that are new for him and his listeners. “A Brand New War” opens up, followed by “Secrets,” get things started fast, heavy and gritty before “Our Time and “Kaleidoscopes” slow it down and are two of the most beautiful songs Shim has ever written and lyrically powerful. “Crucified” is a electronic, dark, daunting, haunting track in an Imagine Dragons style; it’s heavy and soft at the same time. Lead single “Hallelujah” features a southern blues guitar riff intro while Shim takes us to church and preaches the gospel of rock and roll. “Fearless” is pure inspiration and a powerful pop rock anthem. With the right marketing behind it, this could be the biggest hit of Shim’s career “All Of Me” features Walk the Moon style guitars while the choir gives an even bigger feel than normal. This is a big song in sound and production. “Sting Like a Bitch” features a beat that is KILLER. You can dance while you jam at the same time and it’s loaded with pure, unbridled emotion. This has a groove that’s just catchy “Broken Men” is a statement song. Shim wants you to think and he’s here to show you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. “Don’t Wake Me Up” is one of Shim’s most intimate songs ever. Whether you’ve lost a friend, a loved one or a relationship ended, you can relate in a heartbeat. Here, Shim shows his inner self and brings you inside to a point where he and the listener are one. Just when you think the song is going to build up and explode, it stays soft and really makes you listen. This is a great way to end the record. In the end, Shim has left it all on the table. This is his strongest record- lyrically, musically and thematically. He cuts himself open, bears the scars, shows what’s inside and takes you on a journey through where he’s been the last few years and where he is now. If his career ended tomorrow and this was the final record he ever released, he has everything to be proud of and doesn’t just have a strong rock album to show for it- he has a gorgeous and perfectly eclectic piece of art. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards