Review: September Mourning- Volume III

Just in time for the Xmas holiday season, September Mourning came to the rescue with Volume III– their latest dose of unholy, ravenous, diabolical metal and everything you need to combat that pesky Jesus on his birthday. After “Unholy” kicks things off strongly, “Hiding From Heaven”gives us a slow, taunting metal tune that finds its way into your head and makes itself at home. September’s vocals are as beautiful as they are powerful. “Madness” slows things down and speeds back up at just the right time and there’s a lot going on musically before “Overdose” ends things in a gorgeous heavy metal song that discusses loving something or someone so much it consumes you but how beautiful that can be when it happens; This one will be the band’s next fan favorite and it’s hard not to fall in love with the band on this one. Every few years, September Mourning take advantage of fans focusing a song at a time- giving us a sample of what they’re capable of with short EP’s and they get better with each one. When a band focuses on the instrumentals and the lyrics at the same time, it’s a force to be taken seriously and that’s what Volume III does for September Mourning. Instead of a full album, when they release EP’s, it gives fans a chance to take more time with each song, dissect it and become entranced and that’s what September Mourning have done here. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards