Review: Seasons After- Manifesto

Seasons After have released their third studio album Manifesto. While the band has had their fair share of hard times over the years Manifesto shows that Seasons After is better than ever. From insane guitar shreds to powerful lyrics this album genuinely reminds me why I became a fan of Seasons After in the first place. The second song on the album “Fighter” is definitely the hit single of the album. It stands out with an overly catchy guitar riff and the always relatable message of never giving up. The vocals of Tony Housh on this track are off the charts. It\’s definitely a song I would turn all the way up in my car and sing along with. “Hate Me” is my favorite song from Manifesto, mostly because of the chorus but it is an overall solid song. The guitars on this track are very reminiscent of early Seasons After, which is awesome to hear them staying true to their sound. Lastly, “Kiss Me to Kill Me” is another fantastic song from the album. It starts off with an intense guitar and drum bit and suddenly slows down in tempo. The whole song a bit heavier vocally than the other songs on the album and the drums are intense in parts of this song. It\’s definitely a must hear from Manifesto. Seasons After have found a way to stay true to themselves musically and keep fans wanting more over the years and with Manifesto it is no different. They find a way to tap into the right emotions of listeners and it is amazing. Overall, Manifesto is the best from Seasons After yet. Hopefully they can keep this momentum up in the future. Rating: 8/10 -Tera Ford