Review: Saliva- Love, Lies and Therapy

Over the years, Saliva have undergone a few lineup changes. Leading into their previous record, singer Bobby Amaru took over the helm and gave new life to the band. This time around, they welcome new bassist Brad Stewart into the fold and release Love, Lies and Therapy, which couldn’t be more of a better fit as follow-up to Rise Up.

The album opens with “Truth,” which has the signature Wayne Swinny guitar and the gritty, powerful vocals of Amaru, which are just spot on. Then there’s songs like “Tragic Kind of Love,” “Refuse to Lose” and “Rx,” which keep the kick in the nuts going and make you wonder what hit you.

“Bitch Like You” is a Saliva arena anthem if there ever was one and stands right up there with songs like “Click Click Boom,” “Superstar” and other Saliva classics- we can only hope this one finds its way into their live setlist because it will blow the roof off- it’s definitely the stand out track.

“Go Big or Go Home” is another anthem that longtime Saliva fans will gravitate toward and fall in love with. Then there are the ballads. Saliva have never been a band known for their ballads but Love, Lies and Therapy have some of the strongest power ballads you’ll hear.

Songs like “Breakdown,” “Loneliest Know” and “Unshatter Me” show a side of Saliva we haven’t seen yet- and it’s just beautiful. The songs really show off Amaru’s vocals and the musicianship is stellar.

So Saliva have never done a cover, you say? Well, check out “They Don’t Care About Us.” That’s right, they’ve covered the Michael Jackson classic and done a hell of a job with it too. This one stands right up with “Bitch Like You” and “Go Big or Go Home” as the top three songs on the record.

In the end, Saliva have written and created a record that holds its own with the early Saliva albums. Sure, they may have lost their punch along the way, but with Amaru at the helm, it’s a new chapter in the Saliva saga and one that longtime fans and new fans alike can come to love.

This is a Saliva album through and through and a personal one at that. They’ve gone places they haven’t gone before, broke new ground as a band and are stronger for it.

Go check it out, and rock the hell out to Love, Lies and Therapy.

Rating: 9.5/10

-Reggie Edwards