Review: Sabretooth – The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown is the debut E.P. from New York natives, Sabretooth. I will say, they are definitely ambitious. Sabretooth is using all the usual techniques and sounds that we love from all of our favorite metalcore bands and creating a unique sound that is all their own, and it is oddly satisfying.

Probably, my favorite song on this E.P. is Collapse. It brings together so many different elements vocally and instrumentally while having some seriously powerful lyrics behind it, it is the total package. Sabretooth also pre-released a lyric video for the song Slack Jaw, which is a pissed off song all the way around. The lyrics are downright hateful and I loved every second of it. I will say overall this is a killer E.P. , but it is a little bit over-ambitious at times.

Collapse seemed as if it were three songs in one and was a little bit too long, as well as Slack Jaw but even with these quirks, it worked. I also really enjoyed the haunting elements of the intro/outro. Overall it seems like Sabretooth is going to make their mark with The Great Unknown and let us know that they are here to stay. Sabretooth will be out this summer on tour with Comatose.