Review: Rumahoy- Time II: Party

Just a few years after Rumahoy set sail upon their quest to bring the world more pirate metal, the band is back with their 2nd record- Time II: Party, which is exactly that- a party. 

In a genre like pirate metal, you have to have fun with it and Rumahoy spare no expense there. The record opens with the autobiographical “Cowboys of the Sea” in dramatic, epic, cinematic fashion and it has the sound that you expect from a band in this genre. 

The record is loaded with tales and lore that continue the story of singer Captain Yarrface and he pokes at fellow pirate band Alestorm, setting the stage for a fun pirate metal rivalry that we can all win from although Chris from Alestorm features rapping on “Poop Deck Party.” 

“The Legend of Captain Yarrface” gives us more insight into the life and history of the singer while songs like “Treasure Gun,” “Poop Deck Party” (also the grossest party you’ll ever go to) and “Harambe, The Pirate Gorilla” are so crazy you can’t help but fall in love with them. 

Alestorm had a song about Zombies but Rumahoy takes it a step up with “1000 Years of Dust,” which shows the band telling the tale of being captured by mummies. 

Musically, Rumahoy have gotten even tighter and stepped up their game with Time II: Party and it really shows. This is a band that you can’t sleep on and it wouldn’t work if they had the comedy but not the chops to back it up and they definitely do. 

Rating: 8/10

-Reggie Edwards