Review: All That Remains- Victim Of A New Disease

All That Remains are getting ready to release their 9th studio album Victim of the New Disease. 2017\’s Madness was a little more on the softer side give or take a few songs so diving into this new album I was blown away at how heavy it is from start to finish. There are a few slower songs thrown into the mix but it all flows together so smoothly. Victim of the New Disease reminded me why I fell in love with ATR in the first place. Opening the album is one of the most brutal songs I’ve heard in a long time. Fuck Love starts this album off like a bullet leaving the chamber. The blasting guitar riffs and insane percussion instantly gets the listener amped up. The song also has one of the most badass breakdowns ever. This song was exactly what I needed to hear to kick this album off. Moving onto Blood I Spill, Phil Labonte has one of the most recognizable voices in the genre and this song highlights his range in a phenomenal way. Opening the song with one of his infamous screams and going into his chorus with his beautiful clean vocals this song really allows his voice to shine. Another song that really stood out to me was Broken. The chorus is really empowering basically sending the message that people can learn from their past and grow from it. I’m in love with the lyrics of this song and I really hope it makes it on the set list to be played live. Lastly the album wraps up with the title track, Victim of a New Disease. This is another song where the vocals really stand out in the best way. This was also one of their early releases from the album and they definitely made the right choice. The killer guitar solo halfway through the song makes this one a quick favorite. Unfortunately, the band has suffered a great loss before the release of this album. Guitarist Oli Herbert unfortunately passed away. He was one of my personal favorite guitar players and he was such an inspiration to so many people. He will be greatly missed and this review is dedicated to his memory, legacy and family. Rating: 9/10 -Tera Ford