Review: All That Remains- Madness

All That Remains are gearing up to release their new album “Madness”. This is a slight step in a different direction than what fans have come to expect from All That Remains. There is more of an intimate and slow feel to Madness but that does not mean there is not the usual kick ass in your face kind of songs fans have come to expect from the band. Right out of the gate this album hits hard, opening with the first single “Safe House”. I absolutely cannot get enough of this song. When I initially heard it on the radio I was taken back for a second because it\’s so damn heavy. There are no clean vocals in this song, which I love because Phil Labonte is amazing with harsh vocals. But we can\’t ignore how brutal and insanely talented drummer Jason Costa is, which is amplified by the intensity of this track. Easily one of the best songs on the album. Next up is “Madness” which has become a satellite radio hit since the band released it. There\’s more of an electronic presence on this song, which seems to be apparent in other songs on the album as well. I enjoy how put together this song is instrumentally. I also love the lyrics to this song but the chorus will get stuck in your head. Another stick out track is definitely “Louder”. It\’s a pissed off song for sure. The chorus starts off “you\’re loud, I\’m louder” which is one of the best lines for a song like this one. “Trust and Believe” will remind fans why they became a fan of All That Remains in the first place. It\’s exactly what I wanted to hear off of this album and definitely stands out as one of the best songs from this album. Lastly the guys took a stab at a pretty awesome cover with the last song on the album “The Thunder Rolls”. Garth Brooks would be proud of this all around heartfelt and intense cover. Overall, Madness is an absolutely solid album. Although I will say I could do without the slow and emotional songs. They seem slightly out of place and I\’m not really a fan. I understand the want to go in that direction but it doesn\’t really fit. I know this album is going to be hit or miss for some longtime fans of All That Remains but there is something for everyone to love on Madness regardless. Rating: 8/10 -Tera Ford