Review: Psycle- Kill The Machine

Psycle are set with their debut full-length record and, while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, Kill The Machine a record that shows the band flying high and is loaded with addictive and catchy rock anthems.

Each song has something fun to offer from each member- “King Without a Crown” shows drummer Jay Spyne flexing his drumming muscles from the very start while the guitar work of Jay Nicolazzo shines on many songs with impressive melodies, solos and riffs.

“Changing Tide” is just beautiful and would have fit on a Creed record; it’s one of the strongest songs of the record while “Vultures at Play” shows bassist Mike Kaz having the time of his life.

This record is loaded with rock anthems like “Dying to Live,” “The Outsider” and “Kill the Machine” while “Last Chance For the Saints” is a rock and roll party that just keeps giving.

“White Flag” closes the record out with a hard rock fight song and is lyrically one of the strongest songs on the record and also shows each band member showing off one last time, taking their final shot and leaving a mark that you can’t deny; the instrumental breakdown and time change at 3:30 is bone-chilling and if Psycle doesn’t play this one live, they’re robbing everyone.

Kill the Machine is eight songs of hard rock glory. Imagine Chris Daughtry singing for Creed, Fuel or Default and that’s what you get with Psycle- this is a record that any true rock fan would absolutely love.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards