Review: Psychostick- And Stuff

After almost four years, Psychostick are BACK with …And Stuff, a record of B-sides and rarities, which sits at 30- yes, 30 mighty Psychostick tracks. What can go wrong, right? RIGHT?  The album is narrated by a Patrick Stewart impersonator who kills it as Stewart and reminds us it\’s okay to ask questions- just not the obvious questions we’re asking, like why it took over 10 years to release an album of B-Sides, which includes a few live staples that we’ve already heard.  “Ghostbuster” is a fun take on the Ghostbusters theme that will help you kill all the ghosts while “Metaldonna Medley” answers the biggest question you’ve had your entire life- what would Madonna’s biggest hits sound like to heavy metal and why hasn’t it been done?  Psychostick have you covered in a MASSIVE medley featuring “Like a Virgin,” “Ray of Light,” ‘Holiday,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Like a Prayer,” “Music,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue,” “Material Girl” and more. It’s epic, you’ll love it.  Next up, “Hedstronk” reads everyone’s minds about what they think of Trapt….okay, everyone who isn’t Chris Taylor Brown, in this short but perfect parody of “Headstrong” while the band keeps rolling with a rare acoustic song in “Jameson Love Song.”  On the territory of songs fans already know but never got released, “Mega Man” set to Heart’s “Barracuda” and “Mi Queso” set to Coal Chamber’s “Loco” are finally in fans’ hands and these aren’t the only two songs that are finally out on more than just YouTube. More on that later.  …And Stuff features a few skits that will have you dying laughing and “Talk About Not Talking About Food Skit” is one of them. The band argues about not releasing any food songs, after which they serve you three delicious food songs in “Chimichanga,” “Eat An Entire Pizza By Myself” and the aforementioned “Mi Queso.” More songs fans have loved for years but never got formally released, longtime Psychostick concert staple “Sombrero Prophecy” is finally out, as are classic TV theme songs “Bill Nye” and “Reading Rainbow,” along with “The Doom Song.”  The band covers the Star Trek theme but they also argue with the Patrick Stewart impersonator for awhile after he goes off script and talks about the album and band some more, after which singer Rawrb tells him to read the lines or he’ll find another impersonator on Fiverr.  “Sober on St Pattys Day” is the St Patty’s drinking song you never knew you needed. It’s your new anthem. Fucking deal with it. Before closing things out with some infamous Psychostick outtakes and “We Ran Out of CD Space Again,” they threw in another skit in “A Reverse Foreword From Patrick Stewart,” which shows “Stewart” introducing the last part of the album- the BONUS TRACKS- or as he calls it, the last 30 minutes of crap. Then he gets into it with another Patrick Stewart impersonator, leading to a Patrick Stewart fight to the death with lightsabers!  In the end, the band followed up their SURPRISE album, Do, from a few years ago with a release that’s even more fun. When a lot of fans heard the news of a new Psychostick record being B-Sides and rarities, they didn’t know what to think and were hoping not to be let down.  With …And Stuff, not only do Psychostick not let down, they make things well-worth it with 30 tracks of complete insanity in a way only Psychostick can get away with.  Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards