Review: The Protest- Legacy

If you’re from the Midwest and know Christian rock music, you probably have heard of The Protest. They\’re one of the hardest-working and heaviest-traveling bands you\’ll find and their latest record- Legacy is their major label debut via Rockfest Records but third record overall and is one that will dominate your speakers for the foreseeable future. From the very beginning it’s clear The Protest are swinging for the fences with “Valor” and we’re off to the races. “What Else You Got” keeps the intensity flowing before “Knockout” really brings the band to the party and sets the stage for the rest of the record. These three songs show The Protest can hang with the heavyweights like Disciple, Red and Thousand Foot Krutch and that they’re poised to be in the next group of megabands and this continues to be proven with “Take My Heart,” which slows the album down at just the perfect time and showcases The Protest’s melodic side; It’s one of the many highlights and standout tracks. “Noise Revolution” is as catchy as it is dominant and is a song you’ll go to the show demanding to hear and rightly so while the title track absolutely summarizes what this album is all about before “Stitched,” “To the Death” and “Bad Self/Ascension” bring this juggernaut of a record to a scorching close. In the end, this is more than a rock record- it’s a statement. Lyrically, the material stands as strong as the music does, if not more. With Legacy, The Protest are here to rock your system but also make you think and make a difference in your life and that’s what this record does. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards