Review: Primal Fear- Metal Commando

Today\’s album review is the new one from German power metal band Primal Fear with Metal Commando. It is absolutely fantastic and if you don\’t yet know Primal Fear, the best way I can describe them is that they are a heavier Judas Priest with awesome grooves and stellar vocals. When the lead singer hit\’s those high falsetto notes they send chills down my spine. The music is a stunning piece of power metal that will plunge your senses into overload. The band is comprised of vocalist Ralf Scheepers, guitarists Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt and Tom Naumann, bassist Mat Sinner and drummer Michael Ehre. They’re three player guitar attack is a flawless as it is wicked. It reels you in and then absolutely pummels you into oblivion. The copious amounts of double bass come at you fast and furious. Then there is the almost angelic voice of Scheepers- it weaves you effortlessly in and out of the songs and takes you into the realms of the stratosphere. Next is the songs- those killer, superb songs. The first three songs of “I Am Alive,” “Along Came The Devil” and “Halo”all have epic videos to accompany them and they are all stunning. The train goes off the rails with songs like “Hear Me Calling,” “My Name Is Fear” and “Raise You Fists,” but it is the over 13 minute epic closer of “Infinity” that really seals the deal. It bobs and weaves it way through all the while hitting all new benchmarks of awesomeness. If you get the imported version, you will also get four more prime pieces of music. Here’s the bottom line- This is another fantastic album from Primal Fear. Just like all of their albums, it’s absolute perfection. Rating: 9 out of 10. -Eric Hunker