Review: The Pretty Reckless- In Other Words

Ever since releasing their sophomore album- Going to Hell in 2014, The Pretty Reckless have been on a trajectory that’s seen them quickly becoming one of the top names in all of rock.  Last year saw the release of yet another major hit record in Death By Rock and Roll but the band wasn’t done, recently releasing Other Worlds, a collection of both new tracks and remixes that should give fans a lot of stuff to digest.  This version “Got So High” has a Norah Jones-style approach and is just plain beautiful while original track “Loud Love” features a gritty, bluesy rock approach that only The Pretty Reckless can pull off so flawlessly.  Originals “The Keeper” and “Quicksand” are just gorgeous- “The Keeper” showing the band’s intimate and vulnerable side with just Taylor Momsen on guitar while “Quicksand” brings the piano into the fold.  The reimagining of “25” is just plain haunting with a daunting piano accompanying Momsen while “Only Love Can Save Me Now” is just Momsen on acoustic guitar again but this time with a throwback style to that of Janis Joplin, which is right down the alley of Momsen’s personal taste.  “Death By Rock and Roll” makes you feel like you’re sitting in on a jam session at a small party with the band and the smoking circle is going strong; it’s just a chill vibing take on the band’s massive hit.  With Other Worlds, The Pretty Reckless make you forget half of the tracks aren’t new. With fresh approaches, every remix or reimagination has a completely different vibe than the original. No two songs sound alike and the band have done an impeccable job of making these songs- which were all strong to begin with- even bigger power houses. This is isn\’t just a home run, this is a grand slam. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards