Review: Plastic- Drink Sensibly

\"\"Punk is alive and well in the form of Plastic, who’s latest EP- Drink Sensibly– personifies everything the genre lives and breathes to be.  Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, this punk throwback shows singer Matthew Awbery stating, \”Drink Sensibly takes on the subjects of mental decline and self loathing.  However, I think there\’s an aspect of unity everyone can get from that — this EP is about turning negativity into positivity.\” This is an important subject- especially now- and in the rock and metal world. On Drink Sensibly, Plastic takes you through a journey of feeling good, not loving yourself and then finding happiness and unity in life as hard as it might be.  “Munchies” is perfect for fans of Nirvana while “Lovesick” fits right in with classic Green Day and you’ll fall in love with it just as quick.  In a world where people are afraid to speak their minds or- if they do- they get burned for it- Plastic are open, honest, transparent and unapologetic and don’t hold back throwing their own lives into the fold, and Drink Sensibly is the anthem for a generation of people looking for something to grasp onto.  Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards