Review: Plague Vendor – Bloodsweat



 With the release of BLOODSWEAT (Epitaph), Whittier, CA quartet,        Plague Vendor have proven that the possibility of a sophomore slump was pure conjecture. Conversely, Plague Vendor has created a record that is dark & memorizing.

The production value of BLOODSWEAT is slick and polished, yet still gives each song enough leeway to allow listeners to experience the energy and grittiness that Plague Vendors has to offer. Per Epitaph Records, “BLOODSWEAT was recorded over the course of two weeks in as few takes as possible, demonstrating a more improvisational approach while still delivering a feeling that is neither premature nor incomplete.

BLOODSWEAT is full of simple yet robust and effective riffs that when layered above a confident and tight rhythm section gives the impression of something much larger. Plague Vendors focal point still remains to be the vocals of front man Brandon Blaine. Filled with vibrato and bravado, Blaine\’s vocal stylings prompt an immediate comparison to a lovechild fathered by Iggy Pop, Nick Cave & Jack White. Essentially, the fervor, abrasiveness and energy that Blaine delivers is the mouthwatering frosting on an already amazing cupcake

Favorite Tracks: Chopper, ISUA

Bottom Line: Plague Vendor is a band that this generation of punk rock needs and quite honestly has been clamoring for, for years. With Bloodsweat, Plague Vendor has taken a solid step in securing their seat at the punk rock dinner table.