Often times the best music and art comes inspired by some of the hardest personal moments. When Phil Wickham recently lost his entire vocal ability, it required a risky surgery to fix. This left Wickham wondering if he’d ever sing again. Fast forward and his vocals are back and stronger than ever and his latest record- Children of God is a true testament to that. In fact, he’s never sounded better. Not only is his voice stronger and better but it’s also ignited a fire within Wickham that’s undeniable and unstoppable. With Wickham’s history as a Worship Leader, that’s exactly what Children of God is- worship- and rightly so. Songs like “Better Than Life,” “Your Love Awakens Me” and “Stand In Awe” are powerful and worship anthems that are perfect for arenas and worship services alike. In the end, Children of God is exactly the album Wickham needed to make and shows the love, humility and powerful tranquility that makes Wickham’s music held so closely by fans everywhere Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards